Dukat hub

Operational resilience at Russia’s largest primary silver mine

Қазіргі уақытта тек ағылшын және орыс тілдерінде қолжетімді. Жақында қазақша нұсқасы шығады

Key facts

Location Magadan Region, Russia
Ownership 100%
Operating Mines Dukat, Lunnoye, Perevalnoye, Primorskoye
Key exploration projects Primorskoye, Dukat flanks, Doroninskoye, Lunnoye, Mechta
Mining underground
Processing 2.0 Mtpa flotation (Omsukchan),
477 Ktpa Merrill-Crowe (Lunnoye)
Ore reserves (JORC) 0.7 Moz GE, 3.4 g/t average grade
Mineral resources (JORC) 1,4 Moz GE, 6.3 g/t average grade
Production start date 2000
Life of mine 2028
Employees 1,716
Key 2022 numbers
Location History Geology and Mineralisation Operations Reserves and Resources

The Dukat hub is based Far East in the Magadan region, in the small municipality of Omsukchan with a population of approximately 3,700. The operation is approximately 595 km away from the city of Magadan, which has an international airport serviced by daily direct flights from Moscow and Khabarovsk, as well as weekly direct flights from Saint Petersburg. Omsukchan has a small commuter airport, with two weekly flights from Magadan. Fuel, consumables and spare parts are delivered to the hub by regular freight carriers via the port of Magadan from the Russian ports of Vanino and Nakhodka.

All operating units are located in close proximity to the hub with accessible all year-round roads maintained by the federal and regional governments: Dukat mine (38 km), Lunnoye operating unit (172 km).


The early processing facility began operations in the 1950s by processing tin ore. However, after the discovery of the Dukat deposit, a new 250 ktpa concentrator was built and commissioned in 1978, reaching a capacity of 550 ktpa by 1987. By 1998, the plant was abandoned following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disruption of concentrate offtake in 1996.

The Group acquired the facility and its related infrastructure, including the mining assets at the Dukat mine, following the liquidation of the previous owner. At that time, Pan American Silver (a public Canadian company) owned the subsoil license for the Dukat mine, so in 2000, CJSC Magadan Silver was formed as a joint venture between Polymetal and Pan American Silver.

As part of the deal, Polymetal recieved an 80% stake in return for contributing the Dukat mine and Omsukchan concentrator, while Pan American Silver received 20% in exchange for the provision of the subsoil license for Dukat. By 2005, Polymetal acquired a 100% stake in the asset.

In 2002, operations at Dukat resumed with underground and open-pit mining, including the re-launch of the Omsukchan concentrator following a major revamp that increased its capacity to 750 Ktpa. Between 2006 and 2007, Section 1 underwent further improvement and debottlenecking, and a new tailing storage facility was constructed. In 2007, a decision was made to expand the Omsukchan concentrator by building an additional processing line (“Section 2”), which was successfully commissioned in March 2010 and increased the concentrator’s capacity to 1,500 Ktpa. By 2014, as a result of further debottlenecking, the concentrator’s capacity was increased to 1,800 Ktpa.

Open-pit mining activites at Dukat were completed in 2015, with underground mining now being the only source of ore.


Ore reserves Tonnage, Mt Gold grade, g/t Silver grade, g/t Copper grade, % GE grade, g/t Gold, Koz Silver, Moz Copper, Kt GE, Koz
Dukat 4.7 0.3 185 - 2.8 52 27.8 - 413
Lunnoye 1.3 1.5 180 - 3.8 61 7.4 - 159
Perevalnoye 0.6 - 325 - 4.3 - 6.5 - 87
Primorskoye 0.1 5.6 1 340 - 22.5 21 5.0 - 84
Total 6.7 - - - 3.4 134 46.8 - 743
Mineral Resources Tonnage, Mt Gold grade, g/t Silver grade, g/t Copper grade, % GE grade, g/t Gold, Koz Silver, Moz Copper, Kt GE, Koz
Dukat 4.5 0.8 408 - 6.1 111 58.9 - 876
Lunnoye 2.0 1.5 356 - 6.1 95 23.0 - 398
Perevalnoye 0.2 - 360 - 4.8 - 2.4 - 32
Primorskoye 0.1 6.3 1.6 - 27.8 18 4.7 - 81
Total 6.8 - - - 6.3 224 89.0 - 1,386

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