Amursk POX-2

Processing center for double refractory gold concentrates of the Russian Far East

Қазіргі уақытта тек ағылшын және орыс тілдерінде қолжетімді. Жақында қазақша нұсқасы шығады

Key facts

Location Khabarovsk Region, Russia
Ownership 100%
Concentrate capacity ~ 250-300 Ktpa
Feed Double refractory concentrates from:
  • Nezhda
  • Mayskoye
  • Voro
  • Third party feed
Processing High-temperature POX, intensive cyanidation
Production start H1 2024
*over the course of the first 23 years

The key to double refractory ore

Double refractory ore concentrate contain ore micron gold particles encapsulated in sulfides (pyrites and arsenic pyrites) together with high concentrations of organic carbon, that is why conventional methods such as cyanidation or heap leach gives very low recoveries. For refractory ore, processing options include pressure oxidation (POX), bio oxidation (BIOX) and roasting. POX delivers the lowest SO2 and AS203 emissions, cyanide consumption and OPEX, though it is the most capital intensive.

What is amursk POX-2

Amursk POX-2 is designed for processing double-refractory ore and aimed to make 100% of the Company’s refractory ore to be processed in-house.

POX-2 differs from POX-1 in the way that it will operate at two-times higher pressure and 40 *C higher temperature, and it will use a larger and more advanced autoclave (one of the biggest in the world), lined with titanium rather than brick. Total capital costs for the project in 2019-2021 are estimated at US$ 431 million.

Please follow the link for more information about the results of the project feasibility study.

The new plant will be located next to the existing POX facility in Amursk so it will benefit from sharing some of the external infrastructure (gas main, access road, water main) while additional electricity supply will be provided through a new dedicated power line from the regional grid.

The project is managed by the team of more than 30 professionals who actively participated in the successful execution of the original POX (2013) and POX debottlenecking (2018) projects.

Why it is important

Currently 55% of Polymetal’s reserves are double refractory. In 5 years , almost 40% of the annual production will be double refractory. With this POX-2 will allow 100% in-house processing rather than selling to offtakers, which will result in lower costs, higher recoveries and reduced environmental footprint. Overall, it is expected that POX 2 will reduce all-in sustaining costs per ounce for refractory assets by $100-150.

Location Operations

The POX hub is based in Amursk, a city with a population of approximately 43,000 people, located on the northern bank of the Amur River in the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Federation. It is located 350 km from Khabarovsk, the largest city and administrative centre in the region, and 54 km from the large industrial city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The production site is accessible by the city road network, with the railway spur located only 4 km away.


Block flow diagram

Current progress

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