Re-domiciliation General Meeting

Polymetal’s Shareholder Meeting Is Fast Approaching
To Follow the Board’s Recommendation,
Vote TODAY FOR ALL Resolutions
Voting Is Important Regardless Of The Number Of Shares You Own. Every Vote Matters.
The Board unanimously recommends Shareholders to vote FOR all of the resolutions, which are in the best interests of the Company and its Shareholders.
Change of domicile from Jersey to the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is a necessary and critical first step to preserve the Group’s existence in its current form and to unblock the ability to execute further corporate actions to restore shareholder value.
Voting FOR the resolutions will remove the burden of as many Russian counter-sanction restrictions as possible, in manner which offers shareholders as much similarity to the status quo as possible.
The Board trusts that information shared in the Circular and supporting documents below will help shareholders to better inform their decision and vote IN FAVOUR of Re-domiciliation and other proposed resolutions.

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General Meeting Logistics

Publication of the Circular:
10 May 2023
Analyst and Investor Briefing:
10 a.m. BST 10 May 2023
Latest time and date for receipt of Forms of Proxy:
11 a.m. BST on 25 May 2023
General Meeting:
11 a.m. BST on 30 May 2023
Announcement of results of the General Meeting:
30 May 2023
Venue of the Analyst and Investor Briefing:
8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB (How to find)
Webcast link:
Venue of the General Meeting:
8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB (How to find)

Stock Information

Transfer Agent: Computershare
Polymetal International plc share information Ticker Symbol: POLY
Exchanges: LSE, MOEX, AIX
ISIN: JE00B6T5S470
Polymetal International plc ADR information Ticker Symbol: AUCOY
Trading venue: OTC
ISIN: US73178Q1058
CUSIP: 73178Q105
Depositary bank: The Bank of New York Mellon
Polymetal International plc F-share information Ticker Symbol: POYYF
Trading venue: OTC
ISIN: JE00B6T5S470


  • Resolution 1 — re-domiciliation to the AIFC as a public company under the AIFC Companies Regulations
  • Resolution 2 — ordinary Shares to be converted from 512,697,077 ordinary shares of no par value to 512,697,0771 ordinary shares of $0.03 par value each in the share capital of the Company
  • Resolution 3 — adoption of new articles of association of the Company, which will govern the Company’s continued existence in the AIFC
Re-domiciliation Circular is available here

Expected Timeline Following the General Meeting

Announcement of results of General Meeting
Receipt of consent from the AFSA for the Company to continue operating in the AIFC
Receipt of unconditional consent and formal certificate from the Jersey Registrar of Companies for the Company to continue operating in another jurisdiction
Expected date of request to the FCA and/or the LSE, as applicable, with respect to any London Suspension
Effective date

How To Vote

If you are an institutional investor vote via the CREST proxy service (if available) or using the Proxymity platform
If you are an individual investor holding a share (POLY) or a foreign share (POYYF) — please contact your broker to the instructions
If you an individual investor holding an ADR (AUCOY) — please contact Bank of New York Mellon at
If you own share directly — use to submit your votes or send original signed Form of Proxy to Computershare Investor Services (Jersey) Limited c/o The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS99 6ZY, UK
Re-domiciliation Q&As

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms within the Q&As below have the same meaning as defined in the Circular published on 10 May 2023 (the “Circular”), available at:

Shareholders are urged to read the Circular as a whole and in its entirety.

The information below is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or tax advice.

If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you should immediately consult your stockbroker, bank manager, lawyer, accountant or other independent financial adviser who is authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 if you are resident in the United Kingdom or, if not, another appropriately authorised independent financial adviser.

Re-domiciliation and London Suspension

Ongoing listing, share transfer and trading

Jurisdictional split considerations

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