Polymetal Group has a Hotline, which is used strictly to receive reports of the violations of the Code of Conduct, impending or committed acts of corruption, theft, bribery, fraud, abuse of power, violation of rights of employees, participants in procurement, misconduct of contractors and suppliers, as well as cases of harassment, bullying, threats, violence, moral and psychological abuse, alcohol or drug intoxication, threats to the health and/or safety of people or damage to the environment, disclosure or misuse of confidential information, and violations of applicable laws and regulations. The Hotline can be used by relatives of Polymetal Group’s employees and contractors, if they lose contact with such employed relatives for a long period of time and in other difficult situations.

Calls to the Hotline regarding potential employment or proposals for cooperation will not be considered. CVs and commercial offers can be submitted by email or contact form on Career and Suppliers pages on Polymetal website.

The incoming information is processed on-line during business hours and in the morning of the following business day, if a message is received at night or on a weekend. All phone messages are recorded by an answering machine.

All messages are treated and thoroughly investigated on a confidential basis and without bias. Best efforts are used to maintain the anonymity of such a message, if requested by a whistleblower. In order to receive a confidential feedback, the whistleblower should identify himself/herself and provide contact information.

Polymetal Group, in its turn, guarantees that anyone using the Hotline and reporting any information in good faith shall not be sanctioned for whistleblowing. If any adverse measures have been taken against the whistleblower for the disclosure of information, he/she is entitled to directly contact the Audit Committee of the Polymetal International Board via e-mail:

At the same time, the Hotline use, does not exempt a Group’s employee from disciplinary and other sanctions applied to him/her, in strict adherence to the law and in-house regulations, due to poor performance, violation of work schedule, and on other legal grounds.

An employee, who provides knowingly false information or makes a statement about the alleged application of sanctions against him in connection with the disclosure of information, in case these facts are not confirmed by the results of the investigation, will be subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal in accordance with applicable legislation and internal regulatory documents. An exception is the provision by an employee of information that the employee, acting in good faith, believed to be reliable and justified, but which was not recognized as such during the investigation.

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